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Protect Our Winters Documentary.

Recently there has been a marked increase in documentaries aimed at educating people about the colossal challenges that we face with climate change (If you haven’t, PLEASE watch Bill McKibben’s new mini-doc “Do The Math” here).  The potential long term consequences that we face under the Fossil Fuel company’s current business plans and forecasts are more drastic then most of us can imagine.  Protect Our Winters (P.O.W. – an organization focused on preserving the joy of skiing and snowboarding for generations to come) are currently working on a film entitled ‘Momenta’.  The documentary is a spark plug of a  documentary, which exposes and catalyzes the fight against the creation of a Port in the Pacific Northwest for exporting coal to Asian markets.  There is a Kickstarter page for ‘Momenta’ that is open for donations until July 10th – for $20 you’ll get the movie when it is released this fall and a sticker + you help the cause.  Check out the trailer below.



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