Capturing Capacity

Thought Provoking Material from Adbusters

If you for some reason you ain’t familiar with the magaizine Adbusters, allow me to introduce you to one of the most avant-garde and radical publications of the modern era.  Thanks to my good friend (Loren Polster) who gifted me a subscription to the commendable bi-monthly, I now have an even larger disdain for capitalism than before ;}.  Here is a link to preview issues of past ADBUSTERS.  Even if you can’t agree with all the critical views presented in its pages, I hope you can at least pull some conversation starters and paradigm shifting thought prompts from this excellent journal!



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  1. Roarke

    good stuff. sadly, I can’t even identify those plants. Plus, the “are you happy yet” graph is pretty interesting to look at too. And lastly the stats about the global economy is a sobering fact about our destructive habits.

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