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‘Houston, We have a Bitchun’ Summer Playlist’

As we blast off into summer, you’re going to need some soundtrack supplies for adventures into stellar realms.  Below you’ll find a collection of melodies that will fire-up fine spirits and Vernal energies to propel and uplift way past the solstice.  Whether you have a convertible or not, in your mind’s eye you’ll soon have the top down, wind coursing through your hair, campfire in the seat next to you, fully stocked cooler piloting a motorcycle within arm’s reach, perpetual fireworks framing a barbecue-copter bombing everyone with grill-treats, and a joy-induced grin plastered on your face.

If that sounds a bit intense, maybe creep up on this set of songs, or go to the bottom of this post to gain some perspective on some of the live music offerings headed through the Salt Lake area this summer.  Happy Friday, and have a swell trip ;}.

Launching right into the boogie behavior, here’s a cut from super-duo Tuxedo (Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One) re-worked by the ever classy Aussie producer Casual Connection:

Based out of the area of England the cat from Alice in Wonderland is named after, the artist known as mtbrd is an auditory muse.  All of his tracks are splendidly upbeat melds of classic soul and R&B elements with modern breakbeats and superbly orchestrated drums:    

DJ Grumble is fast becoming a legend in the producer world.  Unique and stylish, his sounds run a large gamut and utilize genres of all types.  This particularly track will turn you into a gypsy :   

This soother of a tuner is perfect for stargazing around the oh-200 hour.  A luxurious guitar riff gracefully twirls around an inventive drum-line and creates a magical blend.  

Also for the winding downs of a tranquil, warm and gratifying outdoor summer evening, this experimental strain of textural sounds will captivate and sedate all who hear it.


It seems as though the Jet (and bus) stream is descending over northern UT for a good portion of the coming months, ensuring a steady flow of musical talent to impact Salt Lake County in a significant and wonderful fashion.  Venturing from California, the highly excellent Psychedelic Rock group ‘Mystic Braves’ will be a part of the line up at Urban Lounge this upcoming Wednesday June 10th.  Originally catching wind of Mystic Braves’ brilliance from listening to the wonderful Thursday Night Psyche Out program on KRCL (be sure to tune in from 8-10:30 pm every Thursday night), the Mystic Braves also played at the Austin Psyche Fest this year.  Tickets are a relatively economical $10 – have a listen to their track ‘Desert Island’ below:

As a resident of SL,UT, you can always be sure to get excited about the Twilight concert series.  It has become an absolute STAPLE of Salt Lake summers since 2005, and it is safe to say that shit would simply fall apart without it’s annual return.  Here are a few samples of some of the luminaries blowing through this season:

The second event of the series on July 23rd, brings Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Father John Misty to the stage.  Get down early for this one as the numbers of people (*cough* hpstrz *sniffle*)  for these acts is gunna be huge.  Here’s a B.R.M.C favorite to enjoy:

If there was a test tube baby produced from James Brown and Charles Bradley that sent back to be born in North Carolina circa 1951, his name would be Lee Fields.  Minus the weak test-tube story, and adding in a phenomenal band that goes by ‘The Expressions’ (bound to play in heaven later in their career), Lee Fields will certainly be one of the most enveloping and delighting sound experiences of the Twilight series.  I was fortunate enough to see this ensemble perform in Montreal back in 2009 – it solidly holds it’s place in the top 5 shows I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness.  In combination with supergroup ‘The Word’ (a staggering blend of members from North Mississippi All Stars, John Medeski on keyboards, and exalted pedal steel guitarist Robert Randolph) all I got to say are these 4 words:  Minds. Will. Be. Blown. Catch these jive cats August 13th:

More music just around the bend, with post 5-friggun-hundred next!!!  Here’s to a summer full of sound and stimulation! 😀




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