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Tunes for the Weekend!!! + Alta Radio

Woooo-Weeee !!! its da muh-fahkin weekend yawl !  Here are some tune-skeez to get the grooving started.

There’s a couple more tracks coming up, but just wanted to say that if you dig these jams and have an open Sunday evening- you should consider  tuning into Alta Radio this Sunday from 6-8pm (Mountain Standard Time Zone).  I started to throw together some sets of music for a weekly show, and it’s great to have people tune in and interact / make requests.  Lemme know if ya wanna hear anything either through email or comments below!  Alta Radio is strictly interent based, which is nice cuz you can tune in from anywhere.  Their site is , or if you want a ‘shortcut’ to the listening area- you can click here:

In any case, you should check the station out. they play great music 24/7.  Now back to some more audio-tacular tunes!  Next up is a mix by Nick Bike and KingMost, who threw together one of the best soul/funk/disco mixtapes ever with this one:

and one more to round it out – GET DANCING!

Thanks for tuning in here – and thanks to Ben Eine for the stellar art! –  more soon!








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