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Good News on KXL Pipeline, but more Battles to Come.

President Obama performed one of his most memorable and positive presidential actions today by vetoing the proposed bill to implement the Keystone XL pipeline from the Alberta Tar Sands to the Gulf of Mexico.  This is all great news, but there are still many battles looming in the near future.  One of the most pressing and dangerous of these, is the current move by coal companies of the Powder River Basin (a large coal producing area occupying parts of Montana,Wyoming and the Dakotas) to export their coal to Asian markets.  As the demand and use of coal goes down here in the US, coal companies are scrambling to make profits in new markets across the Pacific.  To do this they must get approval to increase rail traffic to Deep Water ports in the North West.  Long story short, it is all bad news as you can see in the chart below:

momenta_co2_metric_tons_coal_vs_keystoneInstead of me rambling on, you should just watch the ‘Momenta’ documentary (36 minutes long) put together by Big Mountain Snowboarder Jeremy Jones and his environmentally focused company: Protect Our Winters.  If you don’t happen to want to sacrifice a half hour to watch the entire documentary, you can check out the trailer for ‘Momenta’ and other environmental info HEREand take a peek below the video for more stats and links on the Coal exportation issue.  Without further adieu, here’s Momenta:

Here are some quick facts and graphs pulled from Momenta:

momenta_jobs_chart momenta_gt_co2_graph momenta_energy_cost_graph momenta_tax_map

To act on the issue, and sign petitions, please visit the Take Action page on Momenta’s site by clicking HERE.  Even if you don’t live near the Pacific Northwest, the global ramifications of this potential exportation could be game-changing.  Thanks for reading and keep fighting the good fight.




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