Capturing Capacity

Smears, Swirls, and Sounds from Jack Vanzet

Jack Vanzet is a triple threat artist, musical producer, and artistic director based outta Melbourne who is about to catch on fire (in a good way).  Here’s a sampling of his art, and below it you’ll find a musical number he put together along with other goodies:

You might notice the Chet Faker concert/tour poster at the end of the collection there – apparently Mr.Vanzet and Chet are chums and hang out and do cool shit together.  So for fun, you’ll also find  a Chet Faker x Flume tune in the line up below, but first ‘Don’t You Mind’ by Jack Vanzet’s musical alter ego Thrupence:

To hear more of Thrupence/Jack’s music, head over to his SoundCloud page.  Click on Jack Vanzet’s website or Jack’s blog to see more of his artwork.

Now some FAKER/FLUME akshun:

Thanks to the 2 dots blog where I stumbled across Jack’s work for the first time- be sure to check them out for some great visual stimuli.

To all you fine readers out there that have been hanging around this URL-ea for a bit, you might be excited to know the 500th post is fast approaching (3 away to be exact).  It’s going to be a whapah BK would be freaked out by!







into clicking

on a

poser-ass ad

good luck :}


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